ART OR DAI is officially conducting art battles and events in the metaverse! Head over to DCL 38, 103 on Monday 6 PM EST to grab your POAP – Proof of Attendance Protocol and prove you voted in our art battles! Watch the scoreboards update in real-time as the event unfolds! Look out for other events from our growing list of sponsors!



Visit our Decentraland Gallery at Pranksy’s Place coordinates 96, -30. Featuring artists from the BB Studios Guild, Kalamint, Hic Et Nunc, Superworld and more…

This video was made in collaboration with Searchlight.Art to showcase their new show: “Mask Ephemera”, in the Pranksy’s Place Gallery in Decentraland @ 96, -30.


Decentraland Galley opening August 2021. Gallery – Pranksy’s Place. Featuring artists from BB Studios Guild,, Superworld and more!


Founded in 2020, BB Studios helps artists and designers get into one of our virtual galleries. Searching for NFTs can be difficult, so we build galleries for NFT artists to showcase their work. We discuss art with the creators and we’re building a community of digital artists who are pushing the boundaries of art.

NFTs & DeFi, Dapps, AR/VR , and metaverse art galleries are our main focus right now.

We bake and DeFi on Tezos to fund our dapp development Art or DAI, it works for us because we run clean and lean.


Above is our Decentraland Gallery at Pranky’s Place, we continually revolve new artworks in this gallery and do art openings and shows here.

Join Ben for Artist Hour on TokenSmart’s Discord every Monday at 6pm EST to see a new metaverse gallery and hear from the artist who produced the work.

Above is a link to TokenSmart’s Discord channel, it’s a must for all NFT, Art, and token afficianados.

Decentraland 38,103

We currently have two galleries in Decentraland. The one featured above is our permanent/rotating gallery in which we feature new and emerging artists’ work. Each gallery is featured on “Artist Hour” and is for sale on Hic et Nunc as a limited edition NFT.

Hic Et Nunc Gallery Collection – Limited Edition NFTs on Tezos

These limited edition gallery dioramas are minted each week and offered for sale during the “Artist Hour” podcast on TokenSmart. BB Studios takes a reasonable percentage (and one of the NFTs) and the rest is given back to the artist.

Crypto Voxels Gallery Coordinates – 106W, 297S

We use the Crypto Voxels gallery to show off artists in our stable, to feature new art from emerging artists, and also to highlight our Collection Releases of “Harmony and Discord”.

Harmony and Discord Collaboration