BB Studios is a NFT art guild and Web3 services provider.  Our weekly TokenSmart Discord show “Artist Hour” is on Monday’s 6pm ET.

Artist Hour is a weekly live cast on the Tokensmart.  The format is 1 on 1 with the visiting artist and screen share a custom exhibit in a metaverse.  Conversations range from discussions about the featured art to philosophies and background of the artists.



The Gallery changes once a week at (38,103) Next to the Konig.



Currently featuring the first collection of project “Harmony & Discord”.

Hicetnunc Collection

Cool explorer tool HERE

6/14 DKleine

6/21 Cryptoyuna

6/28 Shay the Surrealist

7/5 Trash Emperesss

7/12 Diego with Tondo Fiorentino

7/19 Eric Second realm