Founded in 2020, BB Studios is helping artists and designers build the future of clean NFTs & DeFi, digital art, AR/VR applications, and metaverse gallery production. We are currently collaborating with several startups to create new interactive art experiences and taking more of our ideas in the metaverse.

Join Ben for Artist Hour on TokenSmart’s Discord every Monday at 6pm EST to see a new metaverse gallery and hear from the artist that produced the work.

Above is a link to TokenSmart’s Discord channel, it’s a must for all NFT, Art, and token afficianados.

Decentraland 38,103

We currently have two galleries in Decentraland. The one featured above is our permanent/rotating gallery in which we feature new and emerging artists’ work. Each gallery is featured on “Artist Hour” and is for sale on Hic et Nunc as a limited edition NFT.

Hic Et Nunc Gallery Collection – Limited Edition NFTs on Tezos

These limited edition gallery dioramas are minted each week and offered for sale during the “Artist Hour” podcast on TokenSmart. BB Studios takes a reasonable percentage (and one of the NFTs) and the rest is given back to the artist.

Crypto Voxels Gallery Coordinates – 106W, 297S

We use the Crypto Voxels gallery to show off artists in our stable, to feature new art from emerging artists, and also to highlight our Collection Releases of “Harmony and Discord”.

Harmony and Discord Collaboration